General Compensation Survey Latvia

General Compensation Survey Latvia is a comprehensive annual overview of what is going on in the Latvian salary market while covering all the main sectors and job positions.

The information obtained from the Compensation Survey is a valuable input for reviewing salary and compensation packages in the organization. The survey analyzes total compensation offered by the organizations (base salary, incentives and bonuses) and the various benefits. The survey provides the managers with a detailed overview as to where the organization is positioned at in the salary market and offers opportunities for further analysis. 

The process of collecting and processing the data and presenting a survey is confidential and is based on best practices (requirements and procedures). 

Participating and buying Compensation Survey is possible in all three countries: EstoniaLatvia and Lithuania.

A quarter-of-a-century experience survey by Figure Baltic Advisory is characterized by

  • The best market coverage in Latvia
  • Sample stability and representativeness
  • Classification of the job positions according to their complexity and level of responsibility
  • Quality and accuracy of the data

Start of the survey: March-April
Results report: August

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